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I am a retired Laserdisc salesman who travels frequently with my son, Steven. Here are my reviews of places. You may have seen them on Yelp in the past, but Yelp have proven themselves to be serpents who cannot be trusted, so I present them here on advice of my son's friend from the chat rooms.

It has been a while since I made a website, and the program I used Stone Create is no longer updated.

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The gang

Me, Max Leibowitz
I am a retired Laserdisc salesman who travels frequently with my son, Steven. In the 1980s, I was active in the NeXT Computer community, started by Steve Jobs. I would use these machines actively in my work. Later, as NeXT hardware began to become harder to find, I spent a little time away from the business to take care of my dying wife. Later, I would briefly dabble in the DVD market, but by then the ship had sailed and I worked briefly for Epson selling remaindered daisy wheel printers to banks. Read about NeXT merger with Apple Computer in 1996. My son and I talk about NeXT and OPENSTEP a lot. We like to joke about Taligent and we watch a lot of DVD movies.
My son, Steven Leibowitz
Attended and later worked at R.I.T. Now working in Brookline, Massachusetts making web pages for a dog treats company. Single and ready to mingle.
Deluded fantasist. Real name is not Wolfie, but he goes by that on the chat rooms. Real name is Andrew. Avoid him.
Donald 'Donny' Leibowitz
My brother, lives in Santa Barbara, CA. Working on a comic book for the last twenty years.
Mickey Disco
My good friend who used to work at the UPS Store on Mass Ave, Cambridge. Now he's a freelance AppleScript consultant.

Bring back Monk!


Last updated: February 2020
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